Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Marie (Netta) Fornario, Jimi Hendrix and the Horus Temple of the Golden Dawn

Jimi Hendrix may have written his song 'Wind Cries Mary' for one of his girlfriends named Kathy Mary, but there is startling comparison to the death of Netta Fornario within this song.

Netta often called herself Marie Fornario and she is in fact buried under that name - Marie being French for Mary.

Hendrix, 'when all the jacks are in their boxes and the clowns have all gone to bed', (Netta) Marie wondered around Iona Island at night, contacting spirits;
'And the wind whispers Mary'
Hendrix, 'Somewhere a queen is weeping, somewhere a king has no wife'
Iona is the burial place of numerous Scottish, Irish and Norwegian kings.
'And the wind, it cries Mary'
Hendrix, 'The traffic lights they turn, uh blue tomorrow and shine their emptiness down on my bed'
Blue lights were seen near the body of Marie (Netta) Fornario and they are still seen near her grave today
Hendrix, 'The tiny island sags downstream, cause the life that lived is dead'
The tiny island could be Iona Island where Marie (Netta) Fornario was dead.
Hendrix, 'Will the wind ever remember the names it has blow in the past?
And with its crutch, its old age and its wisdom, it whispers, no this will be the last'
'And the wind cries Mary'

Is it not a startling coincidence that this song also fits in with the circumstances of Marie (Netta) Fornario’s activities and untimely death on Iona Island?

Even more strange is the fact that a number of people who have watched our Netta music video have experienced choking feelings, or burning around the neck (as with one psychic who envisioned a man in his 30’s with a moustache as her killer) we think Marie (Netta) Fornario was strangled, probably by an Iona islander and the matter hushed up. But Jimi Hendrix also had a mysterious death, allegedly dying of asphyxiation (choking) due to inhalation of vomit on September 18, 1970. Many people are of the opinion that the death of Jimi Hendrix was no accident.

And now to the desecration of the Horus Temple in Godwin Street, Bradford, befitting this piece as the apparent humility of the physical may also experience such a fate.

Destruction through fear, physical destruction of depicted authority as means to enforce own perceived superiority. Uncertainty as to represented authority physical destruction perceived as spiritual superiority. They have taken their representation. Subjects are not defamed but defaced. Their representation is consumed. Dead bird symbolic - left to rot - consumed not defamed, Character irrelevant, representation destroyed. Existence not destroyed - overwhelmed by supposedly superior force - consumed. Existence not dismissed but devoured. Point taken then depicted or depicted through evolution in aggressor's chosen format. Religiously consumed by a supposedly religious evolutionary force; pseudo- epitome of all-seeing eye. Presiding over perceived inferior religions. Representation significant; remains depict superiority over inferiority. Remains necessary as affirmation of this perceived fact. Entire destruction undermines purpose. That failure to destroy may consume such host from within. If maggot be man in consumption of evil may minor be major as honest endeavour devours religious minors. Preserving existence, stripping identity; confined as prisoner. Physical embodiment retained, character removed.

Does the reality of everyday accommodate such a perception?

Furthermore (as) 'the traffic lights turn blue tomorrow' by coincidence, the blue, all-seeing eye of the Lord Horus, the Egyptian falcon headed God of the Sun and the family whose twin sister is the cat Goddess Bast or Bastet, is used as a symbol of the Wadjet eye in Ancient Egypt to ward off evil. Interestingly, the Going Forth of Wadjet was celebrated on December 25 with chants and songs. The Garuda is also a bird God of flight and the sky, so possibly there is a lot of similarity here as well.

The Temple of Horus, Bradford

We would like to thank anyone who has sent us interesting and uplifting emails. However there is always 'one' isn't there? The one who doesn't like what you're doing, or thinks you don't have a right. We received emails from a man who works at Bolling Hall, in Bradford on this and a sister site, doing a bit of 'fishing'. We responded politely and then got a strange email back from a man claiming to hold the charter of a now defunct Horus Temple in Bradford.

Really this is of no concern to us. Whoever left the premises in Godwin Street Bradford to rot and did not respectfully remove the iconic images if they were of no further use to them, is not in our opinion, respectful of the Divine to the level that they should be.

Our new Temple of Horus in Bradford is not about degree ceremonies, charters or pomp, - a lot of which turned out to be rubbish anyway. In the founding of the original Golden Dawn, Westcott and Mathers merely set up a lot of the stuff themselves with some help from other masons and manufactured all the so called intervention of Anna Sprengel who probably did not exist, along with the 'secret chiefs' it just sounded good at the time. Westcott and Mathers with a bit of help from a Dr Woodman really just used their own knowledge and ability to set up the Golden Dawn.

The Horus Temple of the Golden Dawn which we run in Bradford today is about philosophy, art, music, drama and respect for spirituality in general.

Thelema and Babalon in Bradford

In 2005, whilst living in Huddersfield, I had a rather strange phone call from a man who told me he lived in Great Horton, Bradford. This man went on to say how valuable the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram was and also mentioned a ritual involving a nine pointed star and the Rose Cross. The man then went on to talk about Aleister Crowley. He insisted that Aleister Crowley had indeed come to Bradford and that Mr Crowley himself had done ritual workings in a building on North Parade in Bradford.

With a little digging around, I found that one of the branches of the Theosophical Society (at one time there were two branches in the area) had once held meetings in the Yorkshire Penny Bank Chambers at the end of North Parade and thought it was possible from what I was told that this was the same building where Aleister Crowley had also held his rituals.

It should be remembered that Mathers and Crowley were once on very friendly terms, however, a person who actually has done the Abramelin ritual allegedly successfully is the author William Bloom.

I would say personally that it is not always necessary to do elaborate rituals to achieve such a thing, for if some being wants to see you, it will find you anyway and many people claim to have seen their Guardian Angel, just check out the psychic monthly magazines, without going in to retreat for a year.

People have said that they have had strange experiences in places that Crowley has lived such as Boleskine House and various flats in the London area. Crowley probably didn't bother banishing things from other realms that turned up, so they stayed put.

The house where I reside now is full of psychic phenomena, a number of people have experienced all sorts of things in the house, good and bad but we wouldn't banish it
we just leave it be.

If you've ever checked out details of former O.T.O Agape lodge member and rocket enthusiast Marvel 'Jack' or 'John' Parsons, who has a moon crater named after him, you will see that he involved himself in the Babalon working and although Cameron his partner sometimes saw herself as Babalon, Jack was looking for another Babalon to turn up, possibly to his detriment.

As each city apparently has its own angel, then Bradford is perhaps looked over by the Lady Babalon of Thelema. Bradford is also mentioned in T. S. Eliot's poem 'The Waste Land.' Bradford's wasteland has flowered again, perhaps as the City of Pyramids and yet The Abyss is never far off as there is, behind the fences of the new Bradford urban Garden, a deep drop in to the empty basin originally prepared for the new Bradford Canal which has not as yet come to pass and yet in the maze of Bradford's Garden Magic or mage-ick, perhaps there Lady Babalon and Thelema can be found still. At least, I'm sure my phone caller would take this view.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Majestic Wool Exchange Clock Tower In Creepy Sepia

This picture shows the Wool Exchange, Bradford, in a kind of alternative universe, as if a door has opened in the ether and an alternative Bradford has appeared that is similar, yet different to, the original one. Maybe there has been a time slip that has transported the camera in to a completely different sequence of events appertaining to a form of reality. This is a ritual in itself.

Rain Magick In Bradford City Centre

The elements in use here magickally, would essentially be water from the rain, which would include the air element of the sky and clouds as well and then thirdly, the earth. it would actually have been possible to have used the floor as if it were a mirror or crystal ball, because of the shine. The mirror image shows an apocalyptic Bradford in an alternative reality.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Black Canon of Bolton Abbey

One of the most famous fairly local landmarks is that of 12th century Bolton Abbey, which confusingly is really a priory, a priory being smaller than an actual abbey.
The ruins and local church are haunted by the ghost of a monk known as The Black Canon'.
As many people will know, monks wrote in Latin, often producing illuminated manuscripts,with fancy lettering.

Strangely enough, the writings of some religious monks is the foundation stone for a good number of magical philosophies and systems.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Steering By Starlight In Haunted Liverpool

Steering By Starlight - authored by Martha Beck is a book I bought a few years ago and which I still find good to dip in to. There is nothing better than having some real positivity on hand in a book and Steering By Starlight is very straightforward. I would certainly recommend it.

I also really, really like Tom Slemen's Haunted Liverpool series of books. I have not read absolutely every one of them, but I have read the ones that are currently available, along with the Haunted Wirral series and all the offshoot books too. The latest one is not only about Liverpool and covers other places in the world.

They are good because they  have a lot of magical information in them, including true life accounts of time slips, strange magickal lodges, vampires, cryptids, experiences in other dimensions,odd happenings and strange alien beings, as well as disappearing villages and much more.

Tom Slemen has obviously studied physics at high level because he backs up a lot of what he writes regarding time slips with genuine scientific explanations.The rest of the articles in his books are things that have been told to him by members of the public as he apparently has a radio show too.