Friday, 18 July 2014

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder - Spell Cast


Beauty is so important these days with pictures in magazines everywhere portraying massively airbrushed celebrities causing everyone else to rush off to Primark (in the UK) for a few bedazzlers and some bling. Fluffy bras, scarves, bags, fashions et al.  Primark used ot have a very good selection of fashionable goodies, but the actual fashion houses started complaining of being ripped off by Primark and as a result, the Primark fashions started to fall behind and got a lot more boring.
Many high strett shops are a number of seasons behind.  Put it this way - if you are wearing something and everyone else in the street is wearing it, then it is going out of fashion.
As before turn on your speakers (the music helps carry the spell) and sit ina  darkened room watching on a bigger device than a phone:) xx

Weight Loss Casting For Anyone Who is Weight Conscious!


Many people are obsessed with what they weigh.  Women particularly are made to feel inferior if they are larger.  People tend to forget that there are many very ugly thin people in the world. Big people are not second rate, second best or ugly.  However, for the more insecure, this is a weight loss spell cast. If you turn on your speakers, sit in a dark room, watch on a tablet, laptop or desktop, on your own and tune in to its powers regularly then you may lose some weight -if you feel that will make you beautiful then the ritual will work alongside your own free-will.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Ritual For Positivity And More - Small Art Film


Here is a Ritual for positivity and more besides, performed in natural surroundings out in the open at night.  Perfect for being at one with nature, Mother Earth, Father Sky, The Ancestors, The Spirits, for balance, harmony and finding the right path.

To get the best from this working, please turn on you speakers as the music helps carry the ritual. It is best watched in a darkened room, in meditative peace, on a tablet, laptop or desktop and not on a phone as the screen is too small.

Blessed Be x

Love Ritual For Bonding - Art Film Clip


This is a 'feel good factor' Love Ritual or you could just say it was an arty little video clip,  It is very nice and friendly - good to  watch for anyone looking for love or wanting to find new romance or boost love in a current relationship, because it is an  interactive ritual.

The little clip is better watched on a tablet, laptop or desk top rather than a phone, as more space is needed to get the complete value from the proceedings.

First turn on your speakers as the music helps carry the ritual. Sit in a darkened room and concentrate on the flame and the way it bends as in making gestures.  Imagine the twin flames bonding together as confetti is blown over the magickal symbols dusting their power and picking it up as the confetti is moved by the air - the element of communication.

Finally the two soul mates are brought together - happily. xx

Friday, 20 June 2014

Golden Dawn in Bradford - The Horus Temple - Summer Solstice 2014

Merry Meet

To all friends and acquaintances near and far.  The world is a small place nowadays!  This positive sun energy is for you - you lovely witchy people!  I know a number of our Pagan friends check in on our blogs and sites - so all the best to you on this very special day - this includes our all important Spirit Friends too!

The photo was taken at sunrise on June 21, 2014, Midsummer's Day - The Summer Solstice.

Blessed Be x

Monday, 10 March 2014

Milner Field and Crowgill Park - Demons in Shipley

Milner Field, Crowgill Park and Demons in Shipley: The Salts, Their Associations and Demons in Shipley

I have already gone through how I suddenly become interested in Milner Field after a series of weird dreams in July 2011.  Its not necessarily something I care to remember too closely, but the real 'bad stuff' happened after I went in Crowgill Park (also known as Crow Ghyll Park), Kirkgate, Shipley in June 2012.

I used to live in Kirkgate, once-upon- a-time, when I worked at S. Jerome and Sons, Victoria Mills, Shipley, as a wages/accounts clerk and my late father, then in his very late 60's, was the weekend security guard for the Mills - Henry Masons and the Jerome Mill. it was a part-time 'retirement job'.

Myself and another girl did the wages for Merrill Spinning in Haworth too. Now of course Victoria Mills is an apartment complex.

I saw Shipley Asda being built - I used to go swimming every day (to get rid of excess psychic energy) and passed it on my way to the  swimming baths.

Anyway, all that and I'd not once been in Crowgill Park. I didn't know it existed, I thought it was land belonging to the bowling club. 

So this creepy looking little park turns up, I eventually noticed by chance that it WAS a public park, in June 2012.  I took to going in there frequently.

It was a nice and creepy sort of small park, with ivy hanging off the trees, neat flower beds, dark shrubbery, terraced paths, a huge cenotaph and an imposing bowling green.

I noticed from old postcards that once it had had a bandstand, lighting and seats and had been very much nicer still in late Victorian and Edwardian times.

Then I found quite by chance that the park had been opened by non other than Katherine Salt, whilst she lived at Milner Field around 1890.  They had even sold tickets for the grand opening ceremony.

I didn't 'twig' at first that there was something evil about the park  That came later.

I took some of the relevant material from my original Milner Field ebook which I had taken down and amalgamated this with the fresh new material, from 2012 and 2013, which also very much concerned Crowgill Park, Shipley, West Yorkshire and its link to Milner Field house.

Visit the Milner Field House website

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Bradford House In December

This time of year, in the northern hemisphere at least, the weather is pretty bleak, so this house lit up on a dark night has a kind of welcoming hue.
It could be out in space, a shiny blob in a mass of other shiny blobs, the people proud of their little tree wanting to show it off discreetly to passers by.

The house could be an orb with a nucleus, the Christmas tree being an embryo of hope, a symbol of the family's expectations for the future, both forthright and yet modest, the molten light breaking from the darkened crust of the shadowy outer walls.