Sunday, 24 January 2016

Ipsissimus Of The Dawn - What A Feeling Dancing On The Ceiling

If a person could only be a Magus and would have to walk on to the astral levels to become an Ipsissimus would that put him on the same level as the Gods he was calling on to help him in his work?
If he had done all of that then would he be able to access or door or a bridge or some sort of connector between one world and the next or point A and point B or would he have to start off-loading his generated power by backtracking and downsizing to Magus even though in spirituality he had reached the Ipsissimistic level.
That would surely leave an area of wasted energy banked up on the astral planes when the person who had in fact reached the greater had to forgo this because he was made of physical rather than astral matter and had reached his own ceiling.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Water Elementals, Aqua Sulis, The River Styx And Non-Stasis

Undines are the main water elementals that live in rivers or fresh water.  Water represents the fluidity of the emotions, moving from past lives through to present life and on in to the future.  The whole point of water in the tarot cards is showing that everything about life is transient and always moving along.
Water can also represent energy in the same way that the water wheel gave power to the early mills and a flowing river is a very good representative of the Roman Goddess Sulis - as in Aqua Sulis, the Roman name for the city of Bath.

Contained water that has no outlet becomes stagnant and stale, it shows a foetid and polluted state of heart and mind.
Go with the flow and  run away on the River of Life.  The River Styx however, ran through the Underworld and carried souls to a different form of transience.

I remember snatches of a song that as a five year old in class our teacher sang to us.
 It went as following :-

The river sang softly to the leaves on the trees
I am waiting to take you on a journey with me
So the leaves fell down gently
On a bright Autumn day
and floated with the river
Far, far away

The river is never static and life does not exist successfully in stasis.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Satanism in the Bradford Area

Satanism is a completely misunderstood religion. There are very bad people and wrong doers in every religion on the planet, past and present.  Many crimes and evil deeds have been committed in the name of God for hundreds of years.  Satanism is also used as a term in connection with deviants and miscreants, completely overlooking the fact that many of these deviants actually have held positions of power in other religions - an abusive Iman begin mentioned in the press only a few years ago as well as numerous perverted priests.  Then there are the historical atrocities - such as those carried out by Torquemada and the Auto Da Fe's of Spain and Portugal.
Many religions are stained with blood and their followers are in no way in a position to start criticising Satanists of any kind.

We are neither agreeing or disagreeing but try to keep a neutral open mind.

My mother and sister used to read the Dennis Wheatley Black Magick books when I was a child.  I was used to seeing the lurid images on the book covers - they were widely advertised at the time. I later read the books myself as a teenager and found that there was a sort of interesting frisson running through them like a delicious thrill.  Everything looked fine on the surface but there was always someone up to something dastardly behind the scenes and nothing was perfectly ordinary or what it seemed to be.

Some years ago now,a pentagram was found carved in one of the links at Baildon golf course, near Bradford and robed men were seen in the woods at Thackley back in the early 1980's on several occasions.
Judy woods at Wyke, Bradford had a particular Altar Tree which also apparently featured in various rites so the rumours go.
Also a dark coven apparently once operarated in the Thorpe Edge area of Bradford which included communication with UFO's on Ilkley Moor. One of the members, produced a magazine called 'Earth' widely available locally in the late 1980's.

Another Bradford self proclaimed Satanist was a man originally called Nigel who changed his name to Vochi 85 by Deed Poll. He had brief minor fame with Red Rhino Records and some of his writings. He was a friend of a person calling himself Jonny Le Antelope and could often be seen storming round Bradford completely dressed in black!


We as a coven originally stopped posting on this blog and a number of sister websites the coven held, because several of our posts and articles were - either plagiarised outright or used by local journalists scouring the internet for ideas.  One such journalist involved with this got a three book publishing deal by using information and ideas directly from us.
We also spent months researching the then little known occultist Netta Fornario and foolishly put out findings on the net only to have someone write a play about her because our own film and findings from several years earlier but still very much in view at the time,gave them the idea. Prior to that she was a hardly mentioned figure and we obtained brand new information about her which someone else used to propel themselves forward.

We had enough of being mugs :( :(

So we started doings ebooks under pen names, which were nowhere near as much fun but at least protected some of our research material and copyright.:-0

I myself have worked both for the Yorkshire Post and Bradford Telegraph and Argus as well as various other publications.  I am a published writer in physical print and not just electronic form and have appeared on both radio and TV.
I am part of a coven though I am personally polyfaith and follow many different religions.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Golden Dawn in Bradford - The Horus Temple - Summer Solstice 2014

Merry Meet

To all friends and acquaintances near and far.  The world is a small place nowadays!  This positive sun energy is for you - you lovely witchy people!  I know a number of our Pagan friends check in on our blogs and sites - so all the best to you on this very special day - this includes our all important Spirit Friends too!

The photo was taken at sunrise on June 21, 2014, Midsummer's Day - The Summer Solstice.

Blessed Be x

Monday, 10 March 2014

Milner Field and Crowgill Park - Demons in Shipley

Milner Field, Crowgill Park and Demons in Shipley: The Salts, Their Associations and Demons in Shipley

I have already gone through how I suddenly become interested in Milner Field after a series of weird dreams in July 2011.  Its not necessarily something I care to remember too closely, but the real 'bad stuff' happened after I went in Crowgill Park (also known as Crow Ghyll Park), Kirkgate, Shipley in June 2012.

I used to live in Kirkgate, once-upon- a-time, when I worked at S. Jerome and Sons, Victoria Mills, Shipley, as a wages/accounts clerk and my late father, then in his very late 60's, was the weekend security guard for the Mills - Henry Masons and the Jerome Mill. it was a part-time 'retirement job'.

Myself and another girl did the wages for Merrill Spinning in Haworth too. Now of course Victoria Mills is an apartment complex.

I saw Shipley Asda being built - I used to go swimming every day (to get rid of excess psychic energy) and passed it on my way to the  swimming baths.

Anyway, all that and I'd not once been in Crowgill Park. I didn't know it existed, I thought it was land belonging to the bowling club. 

So this creepy looking little park turns up, I eventually noticed by chance that it WAS a public park, in June 2012.  I took to going in there frequently.

It was a nice and creepy sort of small park, with ivy hanging off the trees, neat flower beds, dark shrubbery, terraced paths, a huge cenotaph and an imposing bowling green.

I noticed from old postcards that once it had had a bandstand, lighting and seats and had been very much nicer still in late Victorian and Edwardian times.

Then I found quite by chance that the park had been opened by non other than Katherine Salt, whilst she lived at Milner Field around 1890.  They had even sold tickets for the grand opening ceremony.

I didn't 'twig' at first that there was something evil about the park  That came later.

I took some of the relevant material from my original Milner Field ebook which I had taken down and amalgamated this with the fresh new material, from 2012 and 2013, which also very much concerned Crowgill Park, Shipley, West Yorkshire and its link to Milner Field house.

Visit the Milner Field House website

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Bradford House In December

This time of year, in the northern hemisphere at least, the weather is pretty bleak, so this house lit up on a dark night has a kind of welcoming hue.
It could be out in space, a shiny blob in a mass of other shiny blobs, the people proud of their little tree wanting to show it off discreetly to passers by.

The house could be an orb with a nucleus, the Christmas tree being an embryo of hope, a symbol of the family's expectations for the future, both forthright and yet modest, the molten light breaking from the darkened crust of the shadowy outer walls.