Sunday, 11 August 2013

Church of Ufology and the Silver Luna Mist

Many people believe in the existence of aliens or extra terrestrials and not all of these craft can be coming across from Dulce or Area 51in the USA.

A former partner of mine insisted that, as an 11 year old, living in a remote house on the moors called Spring Grove - near Scammonden Dam and the drowned village, on the Halifax and Huddersfield border, he saw a green man step out of a field. This creature moved in front of his bicycle and put its arms out.  My then partner also saw a very bright red flashing light in the field and the small green man glowed with bright luminosity. He managed to avoid the creature and pedalled furiously for home.
After this experience, though, he firmly believed in UFOs and diligently watched the skies.

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Milner Field House, Bingley

The Milner Field website is up and running again.  There has been a lot going on surrounding this website including energy blockages, supernatural happenings and the lot.  I have had some very odd experiences, to the extent where I had our Milner Field website taken down.  There are connections to certain other places in Shipley too and its all rather nasty, scary and very paranormal, but that will probably appear in another book.

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Aleister Crowley - Bradford Visit - The Phone Call

Back in 2005, I lived in Huddersfield and was having some problems with an Incubus that was attached to a flat that I was renting, just out of the town centre.

The previous occupant of the flat had been taken ill in a car park situated in front of the apartment block a few weeks previously. She was taken back to the flat and then died in an ambulance which has been called to take her to hospital. The woman had been deaf apparently and had lived in the flat for some time.
The flat had another occupant, a nasty incubus and I decided I needed some advice about the best thing to do in the circumstances, as I had a young child to consider too and did not want them in the flat with this thing.

A man from Bradford, who lived in Great Horton in Bradford rang me.  He was quite mysterious but helpful and told me to call him at any time. He suggested I use the Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram on the entity, which was quite virulent.

I later decided against this.  But anyway, the man told me how Aleister Crowley once attended a meeting in a building on North Parade in Bradford.  This was interesting because I knew the Theosophical Society had occasionally held meetings in a room above the Yorkshire Penny Bank, over a hundred years ago, so I wondered at the time if there had been a connection to this somewhere. The man suggested some sort of magical goings on in an upper room on North Parade in Bradford.

This person also mentioned a man in London who never used candles for rituals but instead had an 'electric temple' and employed light bulbs instead.