Sunday, 11 August 2013

Church of Ufology and the Silver Luna Mist

Many people believe in the existence of aliens or extra terrestrials and not all of these craft can be coming across from Dulce or Area 51in the USA.

A former partner of mine insisted that, as an 11 year old, living in a remote house on the moors called Spring Grove - near Scammonden Dam and the drowned village, on the Halifax and Huddersfield border, he saw a green man step out of a field. This creature moved in front of his bicycle and put its arms out.  My then partner also saw a very bright red flashing light in the field and the small green man glowed with bright luminosity. He managed to avoid the creature and pedalled furiously for home.
After this experience, though, he firmly believed in UFOs and diligently watched the skies.

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