Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Majestic Wool Exchange Clock Tower In Creepy Sepia

This picture shows the Wool Exchange, Bradford, in a kind of alternative universe, as if a door has opened in the ether and an alternative Bradford has appeared that is similar, yet different to, the original one. Maybe there has been a time slip that has transported the camera in to a completely different sequence of events appertaining to a form of reality. This is a ritual in itself.

Rain Magick In Bradford City Centre

The elements in use here magickally, would essentially be water from the rain, which would include the air element of the sky and clouds as well and then thirdly, the earth. it would actually have been possible to have used the floor as if it were a mirror or crystal ball, because of the shine. The mirror image shows an apocalyptic Bradford in an alternative reality.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Black Canon of Bolton Abbey

One of the most famous fairly local landmarks is that of 12th century Bolton Abbey, which confusingly is really a priory, a priory being smaller than an actual abbey.
The ruins and local church are haunted by the ghost of a monk known as The Black Canon'.
As many people will know, monks wrote in Latin, often producing illuminated manuscripts,with fancy lettering.

Strangely enough, the writings of some religious monks is the foundation stone for a good number of magical philosophies and systems.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Steering By Starlight In Haunted Liverpool

Steering By Starlight - authored by Martha Beck is a book I bought a few years ago and which I still find good to dip in to. There is nothing better than having some real positivity on hand in a book and Steering By Starlight is very straightforward. I would certainly recommend it.

I also really, really like Tom Slemen's Haunted Liverpool series of books. I have not read absolutely every one of them, but I have read the ones that are currently available, along with the Haunted Wirral series and all the offshoot books too. The latest one is not only about Liverpool and covers other places in the world.

They are good because they  have a lot of magical information in them, including true life accounts of time slips, strange magickal lodges, vampires, cryptids, experiences in other dimensions,odd happenings and strange alien beings, as well as disappearing villages and much more.

Tom Slemen has obviously studied physics at high level because he backs up a lot of what he writes regarding time slips with genuine scientific explanations.The rest of the articles in his books are things that have been told to him by members of the public as he apparently has a radio show too.