Saturday, 14 December 2013

Bradford House In December

This time of year, in the northern hemisphere at least, the weather is pretty bleak, so this house lit up on a dark night has a kind of welcoming hue.
It could be out in space, a shiny blob in a mass of other shiny blobs, the people proud of their little tree wanting to show it off discreetly to passers by.

The house could be an orb with a nucleus, the Christmas tree being an embryo of hope, a symbol of the family's expectations for the future, both forthright and yet modest, the molten light breaking from the darkened crust of the shadowy outer walls.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Church of Ufology and the Silver Luna Mist

Many people believe in the existence of aliens or extra terrestrials and not all of these craft can be coming across from Dulce or Area 51in the USA.

A former partner of mine insisted that, as an 11 year old, living in a remote house on the moors called Spring Grove - near Scammonden Dam and the drowned village, on the Halifax and Huddersfield border, he saw a green man step out of a field. This creature moved in front of his bicycle and put its arms out.  My then partner also saw a very bright red flashing light in the field and the small green man glowed with bright luminosity. He managed to avoid the creature and pedalled furiously for home.
After this experience, though, he firmly believed in UFOs and diligently watched the skies.

Visit the Hermetic Order of the Silver Lunar Mist

Milner Field House, Bingley

The Milner Field website is up and running again.  There has been a lot going on surrounding this website including energy blockages, supernatural happenings and the lot.  I have had some very odd experiences, to the extent where I had our Milner Field website taken down.  There are connections to certain other places in Shipley too and its all rather nasty, scary and very paranormal, but that will probably appear in another book.

Visit the Milner Field House website

Aleister Crowley - Bradford Visit - The Phone Call

Back in 2005, I lived in Huddersfield and was having some problems with an Incubus that was attached to a flat that I was renting, just out of the town centre.

The previous occupant of the flat had been taken ill in a car park situated in front of the apartment block a few weeks previously. She was taken back to the flat and then died in an ambulance which has been called to take her to hospital. The woman had been deaf apparently and had lived in the flat for some time.
The flat had another occupant, a nasty incubus and I decided I needed some advice about the best thing to do in the circumstances, as I had a young child to consider too and did not want them in the flat with this thing.

A man from Bradford, who lived in Great Horton in Bradford rang me.  He was quite mysterious but helpful and told me to call him at any time. He suggested I use the Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram on the entity, which was quite virulent.

I later decided against this.  But anyway, the man told me how Aleister Crowley once attended a meeting in a building on North Parade in Bradford.  This was interesting because I knew the Theosophical Society had occasionally held meetings in a room above the Yorkshire Penny Bank, over a hundred years ago, so I wondered at the time if there had been a connection to this somewhere. The man suggested some sort of magical goings on in an upper room on North Parade in Bradford.

This person also mentioned a man in London who never used candles for rituals but instead had an 'electric temple' and employed light bulbs instead.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cheltenham Jill - The Talismen, Midland Beat - 1960's Girl In The Bertoia Chair

What is the mystery surrounding 'Cheltenham Jill' who models for her photo around 1967-8 sitting in a Bertoia wire framed chair?  Who is Jill with her big eyes and dark hair, framed in a photo of over 40 years ago?

Jill was born in the early 1940's and lived with her parents in a large Cheltenham semi-detached house, built around the turn of the century.  Her mother liked cooking and home making, whilst her father worked in the packing department of Sarco Spirax, then based on St George's Road, Cheltenham, a company which is still in existence today.

Jill enjoyed the music paper 'Midland Beat' which featured bands from the Midlands, many of them, still famous names of today and also local bands of the time, such as The Talismen, from Cheltenham itself, who can still be heard on YouTube. They feature in a 'Midland Beat' magazine from 1964.

Jill became a secretary and went to work in London, near Regent's Park, at the London Graduate School Of Business, as it was then called and wrote home to her parents on headed paper from the college, to 'Dear Mum and Dad', in one letter, from March 1967, mentioning that when term has been wound up she will be 'Back in Cheltenham in time for dinner'..

In another missive from Jill, to her parents, she encloses what she calls 'Jill and Roger's Wedding Pressie List', containing the colour scheme for her life with Roger and the articles she is looking for as wedding gifts. She also mentions in one of her letters, that the Finance Director who is her boss, is going to work for Beechams.

All details left in the discarded Cheltenham house, a calendar on the wall from 1995, showing the last signs of life.  Mum made jam and read 'Family Circle' magazine whilst Dad enjoyed Meccano and had been a member of the Automobile Association (AA) in 1966.

Who was Jill and did she ever marry Roger or did she die before this event could take place? The feeling is that Jill died not so long after this photograph was taken, whilst her mother died in the1980's and her father died around August 1995,leaving the house as an abandoned treasure trove of memories.  There was no one to claim the Cheltenham house, so it was left.  Presumably, a solicitor somewhere has the keys.

But what happened to Jill, a young woman with a vibrant life full of hope before her? In the 1960's, when King's Road and Carnaby Street were the most fashionable places to be, many young people from the provinces moved to London and made a life for themselves there as Jill did, obtaining work and settling down in their new environment.

People say Jill looks sad in her photo, depressed, even.  We don't know if she ever married Roger, because, if she had of done, he would surely have claimed the Cheltenham house, which belonged to her parents, as her husband.  Where is Roger now?

There are various theories about Jill, but no one as yet has been able to 'crack' the photo.  Jill holds all the clues and although the theories about what could have happened to her abound, including that she may have been taken advantage of by the 'wrong sort of people', in London and disappeared, no one knows for sure.  

Yet she remains an enigma, a mystery, a 20th century Mona Lisa, a summer portrait of modern history, sitting on a very fashionable, 1960's Bertoia designer chair, in her sun dress, posing for the photographer, her head tilted back slightly, to show off her dark hair, curled at the bottom, a fashion statement of the late 1960's.

If I was going to date this photo completely, I would say that it is not 1966 as the hair is slightly longer than the 1966 lacquered fashion style and by summer 1969 hair fashions were going a little bit softer than the pronounced roller curl at the bottom, so I would run with 1967-8, to be on the safe side.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Camelopardalis, Orion The Hunter and Perseus - Cosmic DNA Inside a Water Bottle

The Romans called a giraffe a camelopardalis, but the name really meant a camel/leopard creature with spots. The Ether has many messages trending and near the surface of the Inner Planes for those who may seek, find or even have a passing interest. The constellations produced in a bottle of water matched with those in the sky, giving out their astral message. Oddly enough from February onwards it is the time to see Perseus and Orion the hunter is saying there is a lot out there for you, if you keep on hunting for it - 'Seek and you shall find' et al.

This really shows that the Universe gives out a subtle message, a frisson of facts yet to be known and yet they are actually being shown in advance, to those with the interest to go hunting them. The picture shows the water bottle in question, plus a planisphere with matching results to the water dots on the inside of the water bottle.  This is basically an esoteric message in a bottle, showing the position of the stars, reproduced in water by the hidden workings of the Ether.