Friday, 1 February 2013

Camelopardalis, Orion The Hunter and Perseus - Cosmic DNA Inside a Water Bottle

The Romans called a giraffe a camelopardalis, but the name really meant a camel/leopard creature with spots. The Ether has many messages trending and near the surface of the Inner Planes for those who may seek, find or even have a passing interest. The constellations produced in a bottle of water matched with those in the sky, giving out their astral message. Oddly enough from February onwards it is the time to see Perseus and Orion the hunter is saying there is a lot out there for you, if you keep on hunting for it - 'Seek and you shall find' et al.

This really shows that the Universe gives out a subtle message, a frisson of facts yet to be known and yet they are actually being shown in advance, to those with the interest to go hunting them. The picture shows the water bottle in question, plus a planisphere with matching results to the water dots on the inside of the water bottle.  This is basically an esoteric message in a bottle, showing the position of the stars, reproduced in water by the hidden workings of the Ether.