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We Had The Golden Dawn Information First Before The Bradford Telegraph And Argus!

The person who wrote in to the Bradford Telegraph and Argus in 2009 got their information off our blog - this one in fact. I did shut a lot of posts because they had broken links and the original blog goes back to July 2009. I put some of the info off the blog in a book. I complained to the Telegraph And Argus about this (using our information) at the time as our blog was not mentioned as the source.

It is amazing just how many people think they own the Golden Dawn and believe they understand the magickal concepts far better than anyone else. And who is to say they do or do not? Reality is often in the mind.

But there are very many other systems of magick and the Golden Dawn system is indeed only one of many such systems. The trouble with all magick is that it can so very easily become mixed up with ego and ego is very much a human frailty. Whereas ego defines an individual it can also be that person's downfall if they believe or allow their ego to be above their actual human capabilities.

I would personally recommend The Secret, The Power and The Magic by Rhonda Byrne for those wishing to use mind power to get what they want. I have all three books and I find them extremely interesting - I actually got The Secret when it first came out. Barbel Mohr's Cosmic Ordering Cards are also very upbeat and positive!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Dowsing On The Site Of The Pricking Mill, Near Pricking Locks - August 2008

This little video from August 2008 shows dowsing on the site of The Pricking Mill. The Bradford Canal used to run nearby. All have long since gone many years ago, but the energy traces left by whatever was there before still lingers very firmly on. This shows clearly that an imprint is left on the earth from the buildings and people that performed tasks in the area over 170 years ago, when, instead of scrub land, the place began to become seriously industrialised. The video is taken near to the site of the Pricking Locks and some people have reported a feeling of disorientation and dizziness when walking here.

Crowgill Park Shipley - Ghost Hunt - October 31st 2012 - Halloween

Crowgill Park, which really just consists of a cenotaph and large bowling green with various tree and shrub lined walkways and a lower level former skateboarding area (now a fouled mess unfortunately); used to be much bigger. It even had a bandstand when it was opened around 1890 by local dignitary Katherine Salt. The cenotaph was moved to the park from a graveyard..
There is something not quite right about this place - In 1960's parlance - 'The vibes are all wrong, man!'

This little film is of the Crowgill Park Ghost Hunt, Halloween 2012.

Black Feathers Haunted Website From 2005

These photos are from our former website called 'Black Feathers' which was originally produced in 2005. They were taken on a Nokia phone (now a relic but which I still have and it still works!) which produced strange green effects when in 'night mode'.

Black Feathers was a website about haunted Bradford and the surrounding areas and these were not the widely known occurrences, but the weird and downright odd as well as lesser known ghostly or occult happenings.

Black Feathers began to have strange effects on those who read the website and was even featured on the radio as a result of becoming known as a 'haunted website' in its own right. In the end we took the Black Feathers website down and actually destroyed the material on the site because of this. We did however, keep the pictures although there are some I would not use even to this day. The Castle incidentally was once a real hotel and yes - it was very haunted.  I used to work there when it was a 'fun bar' and at the end of the night, the staff, including me - used to dance on the bar to entertain the customers. It was always a very creepy place and like a rabbit warren upstairs.

The other photos show some upper windows of the building hiding the old Horus Temple and the very top shows yet another creepy street and a closed haunted pub. My late father used to rent a warehouse down one of those streets - I think it later turned in to a nightclub and was painted black, but originally a load of old names together with Victorian dates, were carved in to the inner doors by wool warehouse workers who are now in Spirit .... There was always a feel of those from another dimension, moving around and things being disturbed by unseen hands ....

The Society Of Dew And Light - Our Documentary From January 2010

The Society of Dew and Light was perhaps even more unusual and elusive than the Golden Dawn which is very widely known of these days. There are some differences, most notably that its founder,  David Lund, was not a wealthy man and had to put in a lot of 'hard graft' at his job. So despite his obvious ability and occult talents, he did not get the same level of respect from the authorities that was afforded to the members of the Golden Dawn. When we discuss the Golden Dawn here, we mean the original late19th century group.

Below is the original post that went with the film.

The Society of Dew and Light (or The Dew and The Light), actually preceded The Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn. Samuel Mathers and Madame Blavatsky got in to quite a flap over David Lund, who was related to a well known Bradford photographer called Percy Lund, a man who later tried to join Arthur Waite's 'Holy Order of The Golden Dawn in London'.

David Lund was interested in Indian magic long before Thomas Henry Pattinson revived and remodelled Mr Portman's Garuda rites around 1902. The police had a dislike of Mr Lund and combed old laws under which they could prosecute him, whilst other fortune tellers plied their trade freely in the Keighley area. Perhaps it was because David Lund was not London based, or perhaps it was because other men became jealous of the high number of women who sought his advice. It appeared that even Samuel Mathers and Madame Blavatsky were jealous of his abilities and so attempted to libel him in publications such as 'Lucifer' magazine.

However, David Lund still had a band of very dedicated followers, as the short film suggests.

Golden Dawn In Bradford - Our Documentary From 2009

We first started this blog in July 2009, but have shut the original old posts due to broken links caused as time moves on and things change!

This is the original content posted on this blog in the summer of 2009.

The film charts the history of The Golden Dawn in Bradford, focusing on Mr Thomas Henry Pattinson, leader of the Bradford Horus Temple of the Golden Dawn and later, co-leader together with Dr Edwards, of The August and Oriental Order of Light Garuda, based on the teachings of a Mr Portman who had spent much time in India and who revived the Indian Cult of Garuda, the bird God of Hindu and Buddhist religions. Mr Pattinson was also a very prominent Theosophist, following the teachings of Madam Blavatsky.

The kingpin to all this was Dr William Wynn Westcott, a Freemason, Theosophist and one of the founders of The Golden Dawn along with Dr Woodman and Mr Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. Dr Westcott visted Bradford, in West Yorkshire frequently and also attended meetings of the Theosophical Society in Bradford. He knew Mr Pattinson and it was Dr Westcott who authorised the setting up of both The Golden Dawn Temple of Horus in Bradford and also later persuaded Mr Pattinson to co-head The August and Oriental Order of Light Garuda, along with Dr Edwards, with the agreement of Mr Portman who had studied the teachings of the Cult of Garuda in India.

There are many conflicting stories about exactly what went on. In the late 19th and early 20th century, Bradford, West Yorkshire was bursting with very earnest mystical societies.

One version of the Bradford Horus Temple re-surfaced again in 1983, when Salvo and Sindy IIardi discovered it in the attic of their newly purchased restaurant, New Gobbles, the event was even mentioned in The New York Times, as the fame of the discovery had spread. Mr and Mrs IIardi tried to re-furbish the temple to turn in to a local heritage landmark. Although the temple was clearly a replica of the original Horus Temple of the Golden Dawn, confusingly, it had also been used as a Garuda Temple. The original Garuda Temple was in premises at Kings Arcade, Bradford, (now demolished) and had the Garuda painted on the back wall in place of Horus, the art work done by a lady who had spent much time in India.

By 1984, Mr and Mrs IIardi had ordered ceremonial magical equipment for display and had parts of the temple repainted. One expert brought in, insisted the original paintings were from the early 1900's, but had been replenished in the 1950's. Predictably, the IIardis ran out of money and left the premises, their dream unrealised and the important find largely unrecognised after the original bursts of publicity.

Curiously, the author of the piece was witness to the temple during a visit to the building in 1986. It is now understood that there remains little to suggest the property at Godwin Street, Bradford, was once home to such a significant faction within the occult fraternity.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Lammas Coven Connection - Day Is Dawning

Attendance was good at the coven's Lammas gathering. There were many positive spirit energies about too. To make it even better, there was a really ambient atmosphere from everyone and all of the elements were represented in a series of friendly rituals. A loaf and beer were given back to the earth as a thank you. The fire represents the corn, a celebration of Lugh and the first Harvest Festival of the year.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Horus Temple Of The Golden Dawn Occult Group In Gobbles Restaurant Attic

These events are kind of entwined - sort of. They are threads which tenaciously come together - kind of.
Guy Watson's shop sat squatly in Darley Street, Bradford and it catered, back in the early 70's to those people who had evolved from the Hippy Set - Scott McKenzie's San Francisco flower children that wanted just a little more sophistication, as the early 70's began to rev up quicker than a Ford Cortina's engine. They still liked their floppy hats and Indian velvets but the flowers had begun to wilt a bit and the Beatles had all split up.

Afghan coats were all the rage- swirly embroidered uncured sheepskin; sometimes still with brambles in the long drooping wool trims. To set off the velvets and the Afghan coats, these newbie fashionites of the 70's would often wear heavy silver gemstone rings with multiple bracelets and bangles. All these items were supplied in copious amount's by Guy Watson's strange multi-tiered, rickerty shop.

Employees of Guy Watson's sometimes heard tinkling bells coming from the attic and the sound of organ music, especially when all the customers had gone home, but they were philosophical and got on with their job.

Guy Watson's continued in popularity as punk gave way to New Wave of the late 70's and very early 80's. Yhe shop was still packed as new generations of people went in and out of it's doors, clutching bags of 'alternative' goodies that would have their friends exclaiming 'Where did you get that from?'

Then suddenly Guy Watson's became a restaurant - well two themed restaurants and a coffee bar in the basement. Their velvets, knick knacks and New Age business was moved round the corner to a new unit.
In the restaurant a model train on a track above the head's of diners. True to form, it was the wackiest pizza restaurant ever, whilst upstairs in the more formal Garden Restaurant, diners sat in white plastic garden chairs on fake grass decked with fake flowers under sun umbrellas. it was all totally delightful.

Then things started to go a bit wrong - just a little - sort of - a frisson.

Guy Watson sold the restaurant which was called Gobbles, to a hard working Italian couple who promptly renamed it 'New Gobbles'. The name 'Gobbles' came from a large pair of moving red lips which hung over the entrance.

The couple discovered a temple hidden behind junk in the very top attic. They got very excited and a paranormal/occult expert from Leeds was called in to identify the temple in the top attic room.
This expert proclaimed the temple to be the lost Horus Temple Of The Golden Dawn which was known as 'temple number five'

The owners of New Gobbles planned to turn the area of the temple and the floor below in to a nightclub, but they ran out of money and sold up. In the meantime the owner of Guy Watson's new store was rumoured to have gone bankrupt.

The restaurant was renamed L'Aragosta and as I was working for a local magazine at the time I went in and sold them an advert. I asked if I could see the temple and they took me up lots of flights of stairs to an attic. The place did look a bit weird and had a kind of atmosphere but I remember it quite clearly and wrote an article on the place for a paranormal magazine at the time.

Firstly, there were the beginnings of the repairs the previous owners had begun before running out of cash. There were black and white pillars and an Egyptian figure on a throne painted on the wall. The ceiling was painted like the sky, going from pale blue with little fluffy white clouds to black with white stars. One wall was painted like the sea and there was a huge golden sun half  in and half out of the sea. On the sea itself was a little boat sailing toward the horizon. The carpet was purple and there was an old organ bolted to the floor. So I actually went in this temple and know what was there because I was there with it.

Originally the Golden Dawn Temple in Bradford was situated in The Alexandra Hotel  now demolished. The Hotel later became a part of Bradford College. The Golden Dawn Temple then moved to a pub cellar - again the pub was long ago demolished.

So - what was going on? Numerous odd and half veiled claims appeared. There was also a mystic Garuda Order of Light Temple in Bradford who some claim used that building too, maybe they did, the building is big enough. The Horus Temple was officially wrapped up a long time ago - or was it? I'd have to say - whatever claims are made to the contrary - no it wasn't.

Officially maybe - in reality a different story. The temple I entered was the Horus Egyptian Temple and not a temple of Garuda - absolutely definitely. I examined the entire area. Attempts were later made to destroy the essence of the temple by radicals, but, true to form, no business stayed in the building very long, So the power of the temple itself held out over and above these physical actions.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Ipsissimus Of The Dawn - What A Feeling Dancing On The Ceiling

If a person could only be a Magus and would have to walk on to the astral levels to become an Ipsissimus would that put him on the same level as the Gods he was calling on to help him in his work?
If he had done all of that then would he be able to access or door or a bridge or some sort of connector between one world and the next or point A and point B or would he have to start off-loading his generated power by backtracking and downsizing to Magus even though in spirituality he had reached the Ipsissimistic level.
That would surely leave an area of wasted energy banked up on the astral planes (not plains in this case!) when the person who had in fact reached the greater had to forgo this because he was made of physical rather than astral matter and had reached his own ceiling.