Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Society Of Dew And Light - Our Documentary From January 2010

The Society of Dew and Light was perhaps even more unusual and elusive than the Golden Dawn which is very widely known of these days. There are some differences, most notably that its founder,  David Lund, was not a wealthy man and had to put in a lot of 'hard graft' at his job. So despite his obvious ability and occult talents, he did not get the same level of respect from the authorities that was afforded to the members of the Golden Dawn. When we discuss the Golden Dawn here, we mean the original late19th century group.

Below is the original post that went with the film.

The Society of Dew and Light (or The Dew and The Light), actually preceded The Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn. Samuel Mathers and Madame Blavatsky got in to quite a flap over David Lund, who was related to a well known Bradford photographer called Percy Lund, a man who later tried to join Arthur Waite's 'Holy Order of The Golden Dawn in London'.

David Lund was interested in Indian magic long before Thomas Henry Pattinson revived and remodelled Mr Portman's Garuda rites around 1902. The police had a dislike of Mr Lund and combed old laws under which they could prosecute him, whilst other fortune tellers plied their trade freely in the Keighley area. Perhaps it was because David Lund was not London based, or perhaps it was because other men became jealous of the high number of women who sought his advice. It appeared that even Samuel Mathers and Madame Blavatsky were jealous of his abilities and so attempted to libel him in publications such as 'Lucifer' magazine.

However, David Lund still had a band of very dedicated followers, as the short film suggests.