Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Black Feathers Haunted Website From 2005

These photos are from our former website called 'Black Feathers' which was originally produced in 2005. They were taken on a Nokia phone (now a relic but which I still have and it still works!) which produced strange green effects when in 'night mode'.

Black Feathers was a website about haunted Bradford and the surrounding areas and these were not the widely known occurrences, but the weird and downright odd as well as lesser known ghostly or occult happenings.

Black Feathers began to have strange effects on those who read the website and was even featured on the radio as a result of becoming known as a 'haunted website' in its own right. In the end we took the Black Feathers website down and actually destroyed the material on the site because of this. We did however, keep the pictures although there are some I would not use even to this day. The Castle incidentally was once a real hotel and yes - it was very haunted.  I used to work there when it was a 'fun bar' and at the end of the night, the staff, including me - used to dance on the bar to entertain the customers. It was always a very creepy place and like a rabbit warren upstairs.

The other photos show some upper windows of the building hiding the old Horus Temple and the very top shows yet another creepy street and a closed haunted pub. My late father used to rent a warehouse down one of those streets - I think it later turned in to a nightclub and was painted black, but originally a load of old names together with Victorian dates, were carved in to the inner doors by wool warehouse workers who are now in Spirit .... There was always a feel of those from another dimension, moving around and things being disturbed by unseen hands ....