Sunday, 18 December 2016

We Had The Golden Dawn Information First Before The Bradford Telegraph And Argus!

The person who wrote in to the Bradford Telegraph and Argus in 2009 got their information off our blog - this one in fact. I did shut a lot of posts because they had broken links and the original blog goes back to July 2009. I put some of the info off the blog in a book. I complained to the Telegraph And Argus about this (using our information) at the time as our blog was not mentioned as the source.

It is amazing just how many people think they own the Golden Dawn and believe they understand the magickal concepts far better than anyone else. And who is to say they do or do not? Reality is often in the mind.

But there are very many other systems of magick and the Golden Dawn system is indeed only one of many such systems. The trouble with all magick is that it can so very easily become mixed up with ego and ego is very much a human frailty. Whereas ego defines an individual it can also be that person's downfall if they believe or allow their ego to be above their actual human capabilities.

I would personally recommend The Secret, The Power and The Magic by Rhonda Byrne for those wishing to use mind power to get what they want. I have all three books and I find them extremely interesting - I actually got The Secret when it first came out. Barbel Mohr's Cosmic Ordering Cards are also very upbeat and positive!