Sunday, 24 January 2016

Ipsissimus Of The Dawn - What A Feeling Dancing On The Ceiling

If a person could only be a Magus and would have to walk on to the astral levels to become an Ipsissimus would that put him on the same level as the Gods he was calling on to help him in his work?
If he had done all of that then would he be able to access or door or a bridge or some sort of connector between one world and the next or point A and point B or would he have to start off-loading his generated power by backtracking and downsizing to Magus even though in spirituality he had reached the Ipsissimistic level.
That would surely leave an area of wasted energy banked up on the astral planes (not plains in this case!) when the person who had in fact reached the greater had to forgo this because he was made of physical rather than astral matter and had reached his own ceiling.