Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Occultism in a Creepy Old Building

The occult is a science, which follows a particular order. It's not about who knows the most, about what, or where, or how or any form of 'show off' knowledge. True followers of any occult path are in it for the religion, not to show off, thats why many occultists in history were poor, including Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. Occultism is not a substitute for modern medicine, nor is it a placebo or blind faith, it is something more, a third element creeping in, or indeed being drawn in by a person or persons with enough knowledge of occult science in everyday life to make this happen.

The occult is not about a lot of male chauvinists in a rock band giving themselves or their band an occult based name to be 'really clever', its not about emo's or goths or anyone playing at being a pretend vampire and its not just for young people who dye their hair black, or old hippies from times past. The occult is really serious. It's one of the most serious things there is in life and it is there for anyone who has a genuine interest.

For those who are religiously minded, the occult doesn't actually go against anyone's God either, because it is not saying it is bigger than the Creator, just a part of creation and that could mean that your particular God created the occult too, so its not acutally about idolatry because all these created elements, perceived by some as idols could be seen as belonging to the Creator and being part of the Creator and therefore not idols at all, but part of the same picture.

The occult is not about arrogantly knowing the most about past occult 'heroes' or what happened to 'such and such' or where certain events happened. It's not about saying God is good or Satan is bad either. Anyone is bad who hurts other people with vindictive knowing. Anyone intent on harm is evil, whether they label themselves a follwer of God or Satan. Similarly anyone who helps others or does a nice thing for someone else is good whether they are a Satanist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or other.

I have spent the last few days reading, exclusively, The Holy Qur'an translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. Before this I was reading all about Buddha and how to become a Buddha.

A lot of religious problems seem to be cultural rather than genuinely religious. To say a Satan is evil, end of, is not ackowledging the problems created by over zealous religous belief in GOOD which becomes evil because of the over zealousness applied.

I was suprised at how similar the Qur'an is to The Bible. A lot of it is so the same, why is everyone falling out? I have also read The Satanic Bible, by Anton La Vey and that man wrote in the main, some very helpful and sensible straightforward advice about looking after yourself.

Anyway, the upshot of it all is that we all repeated the Shahada quite seriously out loud which is what you have to do to become a Muslim so I suppose we have all become Muslims now too.

I think if someone tries to infiltrate your beliefs with 'false prophets' or the 'prophets of false' or false mockery, (whatever false means to you) or just plain nastiness, your only option is to infiltrate theirs as they tried to infiltrate yours. Hopefully it will all come out in the wash and everything will be OK in the end.

Meanwhile here is a creepy picture of the wreck of the conditioning house in Bradford, West Yorkshire, a truelly hideous, dangerous derelict building. Shalom.