Sunday, 22 February 2015

Satanism in the Bradford Area

Satanism is a completely misunderstood religion. There are very bad people and wrong doers in every religion on the planet, past and present.  Many crimes and evil deeds have been committed in the name of God for hundreds of years.  Satanism is also used as a term in connection with deviants and miscreants, completely overlooking the fact that many of these deviants actually have held positions of power in other religions - an abusive Iman begin mentioned in the press only a few years ago as well as numerous perverted priests.  Then there are the historical atrocities - such as those carried out by Torquemada and the Auto Da Fe's of Spain and Portugal.

Many religions are stained with blood and their followers are in no way in a position to start criticising Satanists of any kind.

We are neither agreeing or disagreeing but try to keep a neutral open mind.

My mother and sister used to read the Dennis Wheatley Black Magic books when I was a child.  I was used to seeing the lurid images on the book covers - they were widely advertised at the time. I later read the books myself as a teenager and found that there was a sort of interesting frisson running through them like a delicious thrill.  Everything looked fine on the surface but there was always someone up to something dastardly behind the scenes and nothing was perfectly ordinary or what it seemed to be.

Some years ago now,a pentagram was found carved in one of the links at Baildon golf course, near Bradford and robed men were seen in the woods at Thackley back in the early 1980's on several occasions.

Judy woods at Wyke, Bradford had a particular Altar Tree which also apparently featured in various rites so the rumours go.

Also a dark coven apparently once operarated in the Thorpe Edge area of Bradford which included communication with UFO's on Ilkley Moor. One of the members, produced a magazine called 'Earth' widely available locally in the late 1980's.

Another Bradford self proclaimed Satanist was a man originally called Nigel who changed his name to Vochi 85 by Deed Poll. He had brief minor fame with Red Rhino Records and some of his writings. He was a friend of a person calling himself Jonny Le Antelope and could often be seen storming round Bradford completely dressed in black!